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    What is Dependant Benefit ?

    Dependent’s benefit is a monthly pension payable to the eligible dependents of an insured person who dies as a result of an employment injury or occupational disease. Dependent benefit is payable from the next day of death. The eligibility condition, periodical payment, mode of payment and the calculation of the rate of benefit are similar to Permanent Disablement benefit.

    What is the quantum of dependant benefit payable among the dependants of a deceased IP ?

    The dependant benefit is distributed amongst the eligible dependents in the following ratio :-

    • Widow – till life or re-marriage – @ 3/5th of full rate
    • Widowed mother - @ 3/5th of full rate
    • Sons - @ 2/5th of the full rate till he attains the age of twenty five years and is dependent
    • Daughters - @ 2/5th of the full rate until marriage.
    • If the son or daughter is infirm and wholly dependent on the earnings of the insured person, at the time of death of insured person, will continue to receive benefit even after attaining 25 years /marriage as the case may be.
    • If the insured person has no family of his own, the dependent parents are entitled to 3/10th each of the full rate.

    While calculating the rate, if the total dependents’ benefit for all the dependents exceeds the full rate at any time, the share of each dependent should be proportionately reduced, so that the total amount payable to all dependents does not exceed the full rate. Further, the ESI Corporation has enhanced the minimum pension to Rs.1200/- per family.