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    What is Registration of an Insured Person?

    Registration is the process of obtaining and recording information about the entry of an employee into 'insurable employment', for the purpose of his identification under the Act.

    Why Registration of an Insured Person is necessary?

    Registration of employee is the process of identification to provide the benefits under the Act which are related to the contributions paid by the employer on behalf of each of the insured persons.

    How are the employees registered under the Scheme?

    At the time of joining the insurable employment, an employee is required to provide his and his family details to the employer along with a family photo so that the employer can register the employee online. This exercise of registering an employee has to be a onetime exercise in life time of an employee. The insurance number generated on the first occasion of registration is to be used throughout his life time irrespective of change of employment including change of place.

    What is an identity card?

    On registration under the scheme the employer can take a print out of the temporary identity certificate, affix the photo provided by the employee and authenticate it for use which is valid for a period of 3 months. As soon as possible but not later than a month, the insured person along with his entire family should get themselves enrolled to obtain a "Pehchan Card". This identity card serves as a means of identification both for availing medical benefit at dispensary/ hospital and availing cash benefits at the ESI branch Office. Any changes in his residence/ dispensary/ employment can be carried out by the employer in the Portal as and when arises.